Youthful hatchbacks: A day out with friends or a date with someone special, a road trip dream or a shopping trip, we have got fast and hassle free hatchbacks for all your plans. So, no need to carry heavy bags around or wait for taxi on the road side. It is the time to go for your most memorable rides in a convenient way in our self drive Youthful Hatchbacks. For all the young car lovers, you can now drive around in our Youthful Hatchbacks for your sheer indulgence and bliss whenever you wish to. How cool is that? Moreover it's also a fantastic value of money! So, go explore with U Drive!

Distinct Sedans:Parties, social events, weddings, festivals or any occasion that calls for transport, we have now got you the right choice of self drive cars for all your special days. Your family occasions should be the memorable days to cherish forever, and every part of the day should be special, including the transportation. You can now have the best of time with our self drive Distinct Sedans. Whether you want to visit your loved ones or for big occasions when you want a car right outside your house for a few days, hire a U Drive Distinct Sedan to drive hassle free and reach your destination with elegance and sophistication.

High-end Sedans:These cars have been specially categorized for corporate sector. For all your corporate needs including business travel, corporate events, corporate parties, client entertaining and many more, we guarantee you the professionalism and first-class experience. We at U Drive understand the corporate sector well. We value our clients and discern their needs and so we have come up with the cars that suit your needs well. Whether to pick up a client from airport, on a meeting on the way, our self drive High-end Sedans will solve your purposes. We also have the best corporate packages to provide the client with excellence and premium service. So, take care of your work while we take care of your ride.

Tough & Off-Road SUVs/MUVs:For all the riders who like to live large and ride big, U Drive has got the most plushy and luxuriant self drive SUVs and MUVs. Whether you are a adventurous group who loves to drive to mountains, deserts or snowy places; or a big family that likes to ride together, U Drive has now got the most comfortable self drive SUVs and MUVs to seat up all of you together in style so that no one misses out the fun. U Drive Tough and Off-Road self drive vehicles are a cool way to get around for short and long distance. So, its your time to get behind the wheel and go places in swanky U Drive SUVs and MUVs. Call us now to Ride and Rejoice with U Drive!